Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Hospitality training for two CEF students

These two students are very different but what they have in common is the poverty of their families and their desire to go into hospitality.

D's parents divorced when she was young and the only place for her to live was with her granny and mentally ill uncle. Both parents remarried, but her step father died a few years back as did granny. For the years we have known her no matter what has been going on for her, she has been the top student in her year. She could easily study law or medicine or any subject she wanted to.

T's parents have poor health, with dad on dialysis three times a week. Mum is the sole worker. Her brother suffers with severe mental illness. She has to help a lot around the home and struggles to do her studies.

They both want to go into hospitality for the same reasons. There is a need for both of them to earn as soon as possible. High quality hospitality training is available locally and only takes one and half years, while a university education takes four years to complete for most subjects. D wants to support herself, her uncle and her mother. T wants to help support her family and herself.

Both of them are being very realistic and selfless with their plans for the next stage in their lives.    

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