Saturday, June 23, 2018

Farming in the forests ~ Guest blog by CEF's Ms Truy Tran

The summer holiday started three weeks ago and many students have free time after a long busy academic year.

Many of our students parents are farmers and the summer is the season of harvesting rice, peanuts and corn. Our students from farming families who live in the remote mountainous areas face challenges farming. Due to the natural environment the paths are steep and sometimes muddy, resulting in them having to walk at least four hours to their farm in the forest. Consequently they stay there for two to seven days during harvesting. They bring food, water, pans, pots and tents. After harvesting, they then have to carry all their produce on their back down to the main road where they can get help to transport their produce home.  

They work so hard, but their crops give them satisfaction in the end if there has not been any natural disasters.

(Photos: our scholarship student working on the family farm in the forest, and on the way to her farm)

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