Thursday, November 11, 2021

Bikes are a treasured gift

The gift of a bike changes the lives of our CEF students for the better, whether to get them to school, or for collecting water, getting to extra tuition classes or doing the shopping for mum.

'Like the air we breathe, water is essential to our lives, but clean water is still out of reach to most in my area of Quang Nam province. Every day my mum and I took turns to walk very far from home to collect and carry two storage containers of clean water back to our home for cooking and bathing. As we did not have transport to bring more clean water home, and we couldn’t carry back enough when we walked, so we had no choice but to use dirty yellow water for our daily routine, which caused me to have skin problems. Since we got this bike, which was given to me by CEF three years ago, we have shortened our the time needed for water collecting and can carry more water containers home. It has also helped reduce spots in my face a lot because we have enough clean water to use now.

I cannot express how much I appreciate your gift. Your help has made our lives much better than before. Thank you so much!'

‘You proberly remember the bike you gave me when I was in grade 8, when my dad was still alive, and we were living in the old house. One day when I was doing my homework, my father suddenly returned home with a new bike. I was thrilled and overwhelmed and asked him where he got it from. He joked saying that he just bought it for me, but I knew that we couldn’t afford a new bike on his small budget, which was not even enough to feed the whole family three meals a day. 

When I found out that it was CEF who gave me this bike to get to school, I was super happy. Thanks to your gift of the bike, I was no longer late for school like the past, when I had my old broken bike. For the last four years, it has been my best companion, going to school, or to the market, whether it is a sunny or rainy day. I still look after it carefully, and it will continue be my best friend over the next four years of university too. 

Thank you so much for giving me such a priceless gift. It has great memories for me of my father and myself.’

‘I grew up in a poor family of three including my granny, my mother and me. My mother makes her living by farming to support our family.  We live in a simple house located at the end of a long narrow path. My childhood memories include of being so close to my mother as she carried me on her back whenever I went to or from school, even  walking through the muddy water during the raining season.  

As I got a little bit older, even though I could walk to school on my own, it was too far as I became so tired.  In addition, my friends spread a rumor that at twilight ghosts appear anywhere dark and quiet, like the pathway to my home, so no one dared to come to my house at night. It made me scared to walk home in the dark, so I had to run fast or wait for my mother to pick me up.

When I was in grade five. I was so happy to know that CEF could give me a bike. Seven years ago, it was the most valuable thing I owned. I and my family have been protecting it well. Over the past seven years I have ridden it to school, and to the teacher's house for my extra tuition classes. It helps me to shorten the time to every place I want to go. Since then it became my best friend, accompaning me all the time.

Thank you so much for giving me such a meaningful gift. My family and I appreciate this so much. I will protect it well and keep it as a meaningful memory of my life.’

‘I grew up in a family of three including my parents and myself. Sadly, my parents divorced when I was in grade four and right after that my mother had cancer and passed away after a year of treatment. My father remarried and had to take care of his new family. He paid no attention to me, so my grandparents took me home to live with them.

With my grandparents' low income from growing rice and raising livestock, they struggled to support me and my uncles of school age. In addition, they had to pay off a huge debt which they borrowed for my mother's treatment. I knew how hard it is for them. Living there, I lacked everything, except lots of their love. They always cared for me and encouraged me to study well to have a brighter future. Each year I had to attend school with used books, clothes, and even a bike that my uncles used before. It wasn’t the right size for me, but it was better to use it instead of walking along a muddy road in winter. It was broken sometimes which left me feeling very tired by the time I arrived late for classes.

When I was in grade seven, I was so happy to know that CEF could give me a new bike. It was a treat to have such a luxurious bike, and was a color I loved. I proudly rode it to school, to my teacher's home for extra tuition classes, and I was always ready to give my friends a lift if they needed one. I have been using it for almost two years now. It is still so new and in good condition as I care for it. 

Recently I entered high school, so I have to go far to get to school. Luckily my uncle gave me his used E-bike, but I still use my bike when I go somewhere near home such as to the market and to my friend's homes for group study sessions. 

Thank you so much for giving me such a good bike. It was my daily companion and I will continue to protect it, use it and keep it as a special memory of my childhood.’

‘Two years ago, I was lucky and happy to receive a nice bike from CEF. It's pink and as this is my favourite colour, I like it very much. Since receiving this bike, I can get to have to school and  many other places so easily. Walking to school from home used to take me about 30 minutes, but now it only takes me 10 minutes by bike. I also can attend extra tuition classes which are very far from my school. 

My granny, who has a small grocery shop, now can sell many different products, because I can ride to bigger stores to buy them and carry the products home for her to sell. Without a bike, I couldn’t do these things easily. 

Thank you very much for giving me this bike. I will always do my best at school to get good results, to make it worth your help.

‘I want to say thank you very much to CEF for giving me a bike when I was in grade 5. It has helped me a lot over these years, I am able to go to school by myself without bothering my parents or my older sister. There’s no need to worry about whether I will be late for school, like when my mother was taking me to my school.  

The bike has become my friend, carrying me to school, to my extra tuition classes, to my friends’ homes, as well as to the market, when my mother needs help with shopping. 

My father and I always take care of it. Although it is not as new as before, I still like it a lot.’

The precious gift of a bike for a CEF child is always appreciated. If you would like to give a bike please do contact us: 


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