Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Duyen was visited by a friend of her sponsor

My Duyen who now has a long-term sponsor to help her through her schooling was able to meet a friend of her sponsor yesterday. 

My Duyen comes from an isolated leper community where there is only primary education and as most parents there can't afford to send their children to school in Danang City it has meant that many of the children from this community have only had primary education. To continue her education she has had to move to Danang City where she is doing very well at school. 

Go Philanthropic who have been very supportive, organized her sponsorship.  Linda, from Go Philanthropic was recently over here in Vietnam. She is also a friend of My Duyen's sponsor. Linda was able to meet some of the children from the Hoa Van leper community and have some time with My Duyen and her parents. She will now be able to share her experience with My Duyen's sponsor.

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