Sunday, January 1, 2012

Photos from some of the December home visits


Over the last two weekends we have done home visits to the Quang Nam CEF-Vietnam children. A month ago my assistant did home visits to the 14 Danang children while I was in the States.


These are some pictures of the lovely Quang Nam children and their families from those visits.


Hoa's family now have a solid house, but the kitchen is still very basic. They also have a small bedroom and a small living room-shrine room. They couldn't afford a bathroom so there isn't one.



Although Huynh is now a nun she was allowed to go home to be with her sister and mother for the holidays. This is very unusual and it might have been because she has only been a nun for a short time.



Both these girls (above photos with their head nuns), who are nuns, didn't got home for the holidays although they have family still. Once a girl becomes a nun the pagoda is where she lives permanently and that is then her home and the head nun of the pagoda is the person responsible for her life; specifically her spiritual training but also her well-being and education.

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