Thursday, January 24, 2013

Helping each other

I love it when charitable organizations are happy to help each other!

Today's meeting was a beautiful example of cooperation between four charitable parties. All four, including CEF came together for the purpose of sharing knowledge and helping CEF to be able to access books that are permitted by the authorities and books also at a reduced price, for CEF's new mobile library, which has just been providing books to CEF children throughout Quang Nam and in Da Nang for the last 3 months.

Bruce and Elaine of Journeys of the Heart made the suggestion to meet with Hung from Global Village Foundation to learn about their school library program and to find out about how we could access more reasonably priced books. Unfortunately I was flat on my back and couldn't go anywhere when it came to the meeting, so Ngoc, one of our CEF staff, and Linda from Go Philanthropic who is visiting and helping CEF, met with the other two to help us find out more about how to help our mutual desire to increase literacy materialize more, by getting more books, and getting them into the hands of the children.

Both Go Philanthropic and Journeys of the Heart are wonderful at helping find sponsors for CEF. Global Village Foundation shares our passion for literacy. Read more about the work of each:

It is very gratifying for us to know that these caring people are working together to serve the children of Vietnam.

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