Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Thought Threads have been sponsoring little Dieu

Dieu's parents drowned when she was very young and her elderly grandparents, sister and brother took over bringing her up.

Life has been hard though as they live away from any town and employment is scarse. Granddad sells lottery tickets when well enough and her older sister collects twigs from the local woods to use as kindling and to sell in the market when not in school.

For over a year now granny hasn't been able to do anything as she has deteriorated a lot. It is hard for children to see their loved ones fade away, especially when this is her granny, who was a partial replacement for her mother.

It has been a huge encouragement for her to know that 'Thought Threads' has been sponsoring her and is there behind her, supporting her to have an education.

Thought Threads believes in the importance of education and not only collaborates with fashion brands but also with non-profits to bring dreams of being educated into
This is the link to a recent blog of theirs on the importance of education:

Below is the Thought Threads team

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