Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Today Linda and Ngoc are purchasing books for the mobile library

Today I couldn't make the meeting or go book shopping due a back injury that has me flat on my back for maybe another week still. Arms and head still work fine, so I can still work and organize Ngoc and Linda from Go Philanthropic to take my place. How lucky is that; to still have full use of my arms and head and to have wonderful staff and CEF guests to take on some of my committments.

They have had the meeting and the result is we now know a bookshop with government approved books, that will give CEF a 25% book discount.

This will make a big difference to the amount of books we can buy for our mobile library. Thank you Bruce and Elaine for helping organize the meeting, and thank you Global Village
Foundation for sharing your contacts and thank you Ngoc and Linda for your valuable help today.

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