Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Donations making a difference; three girls are in school

Donations make a difference! A big thank you to my friend and her friends who made a difference! Lynette simply asked her friends to donate to CEF via PayPal, and over a few days funds rolled in. Those donations have enabled three girls to go to school. Thank you to you Lynette, and to your friends for their wonderful support and for 'making a difference' to the lives of 3 girls and their families.

Girls from poor communities often leave home early to look for work in the big cities. They risk being trafficked into the sex industry or into forced labor in factories or enslaved as domestic servants and expected to fulfill all the households 'needs'. The girls your funds have helped are at risk as they are all from very poor families in a countryside farming community. 

Chang comes from a large family and her parents have a very low income. They are rice farmers in northern Vietnam. Their rice crops feed them, but for cash they grow some vegetables and dad does local building work when there is some, and plays in a band at both weddings and funerals; the music sounds exactly the same for both. They still can’t make ends meet.
Chang is in secondary school, in grade 8 this year and is a bright girl with an average of 8/10. She loves math.
We have allocated some of the funds to help her through this year of school while we look for a sponsor for the remaining 4 years of her schooling.

Lieu is from a large and poor farming family. We decided to help Lieu as her sister, Huong who is bright, refuses to do any vocational training or college studies due to her sense of responsibility to support her very poor family. If we help her sister it naturally reduces the financial stress for the family. Now Huong also has promised to do vocational training next year allowing her to have a much better income than the poorly paid factory job she is doing at present.  
Lieu has just moved up to high school, into grade 10. She enjoys literature but finds most subjects challenging. Unfortunately Lieu Is not bright, making it even more important that she completes school. Her options if she drops out of school otherwise are early marriage and motherhood, garbage collecting, or being a dog’s body for a building team as no decent work is possible for an underage employee.
We have allocated some of the funds to cover her costs this year and hope to find her a sponsor for the last two years of her education.

Phai who is a healthy and happy girl, is from a poor farming family. Fortunately their home is stable and strong although old; it was constructed when her parents were married about 20 years ago.
Dad can’t work due to poor health and eyesight. The family income rests on the mother’s shoulders and fortunately she is strong and healthy enough to do all the farming, but just can’t earn enough for Phai’s education. Although they have a low income, mum is practical and down to earth and careful with their income.
Phai has moved into high school this year, into grade 10. She likes literature and math and is a moderately good student.
We have allocated some of the funds to cover her costs this year and hope to find her a sponsor for the last two years of her education.

Linda Burn
Founding Director and In-Country Director - Vietnam

Children Education Foundation - Vietnam
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  1. Linda, it was a pleasure to hit my friends up for such a great cause. :o) And great to see your efforts are paying off and going from strength to strength. Viva la education! (ideally shouted in Vietnamese). Lynette

    1. Thanks so much Lynette. Your efforts, and your and your friends generosity do make a difference and are greatly appreciated!