Friday, November 1, 2013

Phuc Le girls CEF was able to help due to a generous donation

Donations really make a difference and I wanted to share this so you can see an example of the difference they do make.

We were visiting a poor poor community and were told 11 girls needed help as they were all from very poor families wo could not afford their education, and could we interview them and help them TODAY. We had some basic info on them and had just enough time to do further interviews on each girl. In my mind we would find sponsors and then help them knowing for sure they each had someone who would help them through their education.

Then I remembered a donation I had received and realized that would enable me to help the 11 girls NOW!

Here are the 11 who will all need a sponsors next year, but for now they are in school and have some educational support for this year.  Donations really are a true blessing!

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