Saturday, November 30, 2013

Snippets of letters to her sponsor

Do you ever think about what you really wish for in your life  right now? Personally, I wish I could go back to the past.  I used to have parents and so enjoyed the time when all the family members had dinner together. I do know that it is impossible for that to become true now and anytime; I just wanted to share something that is in my mind with you.
Thanks to your help and encouragement, I now have enough good conditions, as well as the motivation to study better and better. I deeply express my gratefulness to you.
Now, I am in grade 12. It means that I have to choose a university to apply for soon. I wonder which university is good for me?
I may stop my career dream and find another university which is more suitable for my family’s economic conditions. I live off my paternal grandparents; I must obey them and respect their opinion. Therefore, I am hesitating now because I am very keen on pursuing my dream, however, I am not allowed to, and more seriously, I really have to give up my dream for ever.

I feel very sorry about failing the entrance exams for university. I have no one to blame because it is my fault. I made my grandparents, you and anyone who cares for me disappointed. I feel ashamed it is my fault. When I found out my results, I could not believe them, but I have to learn how to accept reality.
I applied for several jobs in factories, like factories to make shoes, but all of the factories refused my application form due to my age. I am not old enough to have a job and they do not want to pay a fine for hiring children under 18. I felt powerless.
However, my family members, Ms Linda and CEF staff gave me a lot of care, encouragement and advice to persevere and continue to study and that was so helpful. It was the motivation for me to make up my mind to continue and try again.
The last day of summer vacation has gone and I know that I have to stand up on my own and overcome any obstacles or challenges which are waiting for me. I will choose the right road to go down and I believe that I can do well.

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