Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Guest blog by Linda from Go Philanthropic - on home visits

Some of the Go Philanthropic Foundation team and I have been here in Hoi An for a few days now. We feel so fortunate to have the chance to visit the children and work with the superb CEF staff.

On Sunday, we visited several sponsored children's homes and saw 'up close and personal' how each is doing. And it is a varied story,indeed.

This being the second year of visits for me, there has been much personal satisfaction in seeing the children and noting their progress. One young girl and her mother have moved from a unstable hut with a dirt floor to a real home; amazingly she is a shining star in school.

Another girl lives with a mentally ill uncle and granny; she cares lovingly for her ailing granny.

A third child, a boy, still experiences much upheaval in his home life as he has been moved from relative to relative in the hope of trying to find a suitable and stable base for him.

Whatever the circumstances, it is clear that CEF remains a steady constant in these children's lives and we at GoPhil are proud to be a partner and supporter of providing education and choices for these children.

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