Monday, April 7, 2014

Guest blog - Stephen writes about our trip to Da Nang on Sunday

I am in the midst of my visit to Hoi An and on Sunday with Linda, together with staff member and translator extraordinaire Ngoc, traveled to Danang to present awards to the top students, deliver certificates and payments to 15 of CEF’s children and do end of year home visits. 

For the first time we were accompanied at the award presentations and on the home visits by Ms. Minh, the Vice Chairwoman of Danang’s branch of the Vietnam Women’s Union, and her assistant, Ms. Kim Bang.  Ms. Minh, a 32-year-veteran with the Union, and her assistants proved to be interested in both CEF’s operations and in the children and their families.  She was visibly moved by the difficulties faced by the families, and our new relationship with the Union seems to be off to a good start.

They also treated us to a lovely vegetarian restaurant in Danang, which gave us the energy for our second round of home visits in the afternoon.

Blog by Stephen Jackel - Children's Education Foundation - Vietnam's US manager and coordinator

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