Friday, June 20, 2014

Dire poverty and suicide

Today on my way back from the beach there were hundreds of people blocking the road all pointing upwards. There was a man blackened and charred hanging from the electric wires. He had committed suicide on the site that had just told him he no longer had work today.

In every area we help children there are single mothers, some never had a husband, but many did, but no longer do, as he committed suicide. One died from rat poison and most from crashes, including one father of three who drove straight into a large oncoming truck.

One girl and her two siblings struggle to live with the fact that both their parents committed suicide. One family is still in shock and morning for their daughter who hung herself last year.

Poverty has many faces; the most frightening face is living with knowing there is no money to pay for anything; no funds for the advanced classes your teacher highly recommends, no funds to pay the house bills, or pay off the huge debt accrued from gambling, or the medical bills for your ill child, and no money for the next meal.

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