Tuesday, June 3, 2014

One more girl sponsored; a very deserving girl

Today we received wonderful news; a sponsor has been found for one more girl who really deserves a sponsor, as she is a child who has taken on a lot of responsibility and is hardworking in more than one way.

She works hard at school and considering her other commitments is doing extremely well. She also has been carrying the responsibility for keeping house and doing all the domestic chores for her granny and uncle who she lives with. Besides that over the last few years she has been caring for her senile and elderly granny, who she loves greatly.

She was taken to live with granny when she was very young as her parents separated and then couldn't care for her. She is so fond of granny; she holds her hand, strokes it, and strokes her hair. The love  for her granny is so obvious.

Fortunately she has many relatives in the area, but unfortunately all too poor to help her, granny and uncle financially. They can provide a little practical help and the occasional financial help for granny and her medical costs. Although her uncle who lives with her and granny is mentally ill, he is able to collect garbage and earns a little each day which helps with some of their daily costs.

With the growing costs of her education, increasing living costs, and medical costs for granny, her extended family was not able to provide enough educational support and there was the risk of her being removed from school to have her just keep house and care for granny. So we are thrilled that she has a sponsor now; this support will make it possible for her to complete her education.

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