Thursday, June 5, 2014

Loss of her granny

For D, granny has been her dearest and closest family member for most of her childhood. She was left with her granny and a mentally ill uncle when she was very young as her parents separated and were unable to look after her.

Granny has been senile and destructive for many years now. School books have had to be hidden to avoid granny tearing them up. But still her granddaughter has caringly and patiently cared for her. She has kept house for granny and her uncle; cooked, cleaned, done the washing and shopping, as well as managing to continue her schooling. When we met her she was 11 years old and looked so serious and older than her years due to the responsibilities and long hours each day that she kept.

Granny had been bed ridden for a month when we last visited and D was spoon feeding her water and medicines. Sadly granny passed away a few days ago. Granny was very dear to her heart; she will miss her constant companion and friend greatly.

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