Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fundraising event in New York

We were very lucky to have our dear friends and supporters Steve and Michele (Michele is also our most recent board member), put on an event at their home for CEF today. Their friends attended and were very interested in Vietnam and the need to support girls to receive an education there. They were thoughtful and generous in their support of our work of educating girls in Vietnam.

I did a presentation with the help of Stephen, our US manager and representative. I tried to cover all about CEF's work. Some of what I covered was why we work to help girls receive an education, what our programs and support programs are and where we work in Vietnam and covered the importance of having staff. I finished with some stories of some of the girls we help and have helped.

Children not in school and working (above)

Two sisters; the eldest we have helped to complete school and college, and the other is in school. Their parents drowned and their elderly grandparents care for them. The eldest is now employed and able to financially help her grandparents a little.

Two sisters we help; one is in her second year of university and the other has just done her university entrance exams. The eldest is volunteering with CEF this year. In two years when completes university we will employ her.

Michele prepared a wonderful brunch feast with a large selection of delicious food for everyone, that was enjoyed both before and after the presentation. Thank you very much Steve and Michele for your generous and enthusiastic support of CEF's work in Vietnam to help girls receive an education.

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