Thursday, July 24, 2014

No charity work happens without many others helping and supporting

Often the founder or director gets all the credit for doing the charity work they do, but I just want to share that almost nothing can happen without all the others involved who help and support.

The list of all those who help is long. Just a couple of examples are the donors and sponsors; they make it possible to pay the education costs of the children and all the related costs. Staff do translations and paperwork for sponsors and government departments we work with and much more.

But today I want to honor someone who has helped and helps CEF - VN endlessly. Stephen Jackel has done so much to help that I can't even list it all. Stephen is our USA manager, but his passion for and belief in our work in Vietnam is a huge blessing as Children's Education Foundation - Vietnam would not even exist here in New York if it wasn't for him.

He has done paperwork to register CEF - VN in NY, then the paperwork to get 501(c)3 status. He keeps the books and writes thank you notes, does receipts for donors and sponsors, organizes and host events, and sponsors himself.

Stephen with the girl he has helped through university

He comes to Vietnam each year to catch up with our work with the girls in person, he comes to payment days and home visits.

Stephen making payments in Da Nang

Stephen on a home visit to a girl a friend of his sponsors

Stephen with myself and our full time staff

That is just a short section of the list of things he has done, and does, to support CEF to help impoverished Vietnamese girls receive an education.

Thank you very much for your passion, compassion, care, generosity and all the time and work you do to help Stephen.

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