Monday, July 21, 2014

Wise advise is always appreciated

The right conversation with the right person at the right time has the potential to support us to take the next steps we need to. 

I  was fortunate to have some meaningful and supportive conversations with Robert Heinzman from Growth River ( about CEF while I was in the States.  As Robert had worked with NGO's he was able to offer sound advice and information that gave me more confidence to take some steps needed for CEF. I am very grateful for the wise advice from Robert that he very kindly donated.

I would like to share the following about Growth River:
At Growth River we are experts at developing business leaders and teams. This work is critical because ultimately businesses grow at the speed their leaders develop. Our strength is a deep understanding of change leadership, which enables us to co-lead major change initiatives with business leaders, developing leaders and businesses at the same time.

We provide organizations effective and efficient tools to consciously forge an effective team culture. That’s the foundation for driving higher performance. We work at the intersection of the soft stuff and the hard stuff, providing a 360 view that integrates change across both leadership culture and business performance. And we always ensure that our conversations around the soft stuff result in hard commitments and tangible business results.

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