Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Difficulties don't depress this CEF student as she has a positive attitude - Guest blog by Kim Chi

Difficulties don't depress this CEF student......
She was born into, and grew up in a very poor family. Her mother abandoned her when she was very young. Her father continued to care for her, but he died when she was in grade 7. She then became an 'orphan'. At that time, her cousin who is quite old and hadn't married, moved to live with her and to care for her. 

 With her aunt
She thought she would have no choice but to stop her education when she completed high school. However, against all odds, she was very clear and determined that she wanted to continue onto university although she know that it would be very hard to make this dream possible.

She became a university student with great eagerness, plus a lot of worrying. To afford her living expenses while at university she works really hard. After classes she works in a small local restaurant from 5 to 10 pm in order to receive dinner plus a small salary. She was very delighted when she received her first salary although it was not a large one. 

With CEF's help with her education costs, her income from her hard work, and with a little support from her aunt, she is now living her dream of being a university student and is now in the first term of her second year of university.  

During compulsory military service

Although she has been faced with a hard life, and now faces a challenging student life, there is always a beautiful smile on her sweet and innocent face. She derives pleasure from her part time job and the family she works with are like a second family to her while she studies and works far away from home. We wish that she can continue to experience such joy and such a positive attitude while living a challenging life.

With her work 'family'
Blog by: Kim Chi


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