Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Today we have a new sponsor who is a Vietnam war veteran

It is very touching to see many war veterans return to Vietnam. It must be unbelievably challenging and disturbing. I admire their courage.

Today I met a lovely, caring, compassionate veteran who wants to sponsor a child here; to support her to receive an education. He believes strongly in education and knows deeply what a difference it can make to their lives.

The girl I introduced him to is an excellent student and wishes to be a doctor. Her grades are suitable for her to pursue her dream. With the support of Steve she can accomplish this dream. 

Thank you Steve for this amazing support for her and her family. Her mother, who is a widow, struggles to bring up the girls. On top of being responsible for them she has a son with disabilities that means she will always be responsible for him too. This support for the mother will make her very happy and relieve some of her burden.

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