Saturday, December 20, 2014

Some more CEF girls have been sponsored this holiday season

We at CEF are thrilled that five girls have sponsors this holiday season. This makes us very happy ~ not just personally, but happy for the families and children sponsored. This will ensure these girls are in school, are safe, and can complete their education. 

Her father has poor health and can do domestic chores only. Mum works in a factory and also makes shoes when home. Their home leaks and they struggle to make ends meet let alone afford an education for their two children. We are most grateful that their daughter now has a sponsor which will relieve some of the financial stress for her mother. 

 Her father has seasonal building work. Mum has very poor health and sells lottery tickets when she feels strong enough. Educational support for this daughter will help relieve some of their financial stress. 

Her mother rarely comes home as she is a full time housekeeper far from their home trying to earn enough to feed and educate her children. As her children get older her income can no longer cover all the costs. Dad does the domestic chores and looks after the children.  They are relieved to have educational help for their daughter.

Her father died and mum works the rice farm. Her mother grows enough rice to feed the family and sometimes enough to sell to buy other food they need, The eldest children do what they can to contribute, but she needs educational support for her youngest daughter for her to be able to complete her education. We are thrilled this is now possible due to her new sponsor. 

This very intelligent young lady is orphaned. She lives with her grandparents and unfortunately granddad is terminally ill. Their costs have escalated recently and her education is no longer affordable for them. We are pleased she now has a sponsor to support her to complete her education.

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