Monday, August 17, 2015

The CEF grannies

In each community CEF is working in there are many grannies with crucial roles. Some are the only source of love and care for the child, as well as providing a roof over their heads. Without these wonderful ladies, many children would be in orphanages.

CEF helps by ensuring the child's education costs are covered, sometimes provides food support and in some cases provides medical support for the grannies.

She has cared for her granddaughter since the girl's father died and mum left to find work in a large city, and ended up remarrying and has never returned home. Granddad sells lottery tickets when he is well enough, which helps to support the three of them. 

Granny who is a happy and warm lady has been the main care giver of many of her grandchildren while their parents work away from home in other towns, or locally. Often when we visited there were 5 or more children in her care. Fairly recently she had a stroke, but fortunately she has recovered.  A sponsor provides a medical supplement for granny's health care. 

Her father died, mum remarried, and she could no longer afford to care for her first daughter and so she now lives with her fathers' parents in the countryside. They love her greatly, but she still misses her mother a lot, but sometimes she gets to stay with her on weekends which makes both of them happy. The grandparents are lovely happy people and work hard as farmers, although granny can't work so hard any more as she has a serious lung condition.

Granny and granddad have cared for their three grandchildren since the children's parents drowned when the youngest was only a baby at the time. They find it hard work, but clearly love their grandchildren. They have done a wonderful job as all three children are sweet, caring and gentle. The grandparents are farmers and as they age are less capable of doing much farming. 
CEF has helped all three with their education and now the eldest granddaughter is employed and she is now able to help her grandparents a little financially. 

She lives with her caring granny in the countryside.  As the children get older they are able to reciprocate in some way. The grandparents have someone in the house to help with some of the chores.

This granny is at home when the children come home from school and mum is out working. Dad died and mum works to support her three children and her in-laws. Sadly granddad died recently.

Her granny helped to raise her along with her single mother and elderly aunt. She is very loved by her granddaughter who now studies away from home, but comes home often to spend time with her and her mother and elderly aunt.

She lives next door to her grandchildren. This has allowed mum to find work, while dad stays at home. Dad has suffered with hearing and mental health issues for about five years and granny is always there for them. 

The role of grandparents in Vietnam is still very important. I hugely admire these women who are often not in good health themselves, but they take their roles seriously and work hard to care for their grandchildren. We appreciate their selflessness as it means the child still feels loved and cared for creating much more stability in challenging circumstances.

(All are staff photos)

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