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Update on CEF's 'Literacy Education Program'

July 2014 Update 
This important program not only gives the CEF students great joy and the opportunity for knowledge, stimulation and growth, but we also experience happiness and satisfaction as we  love to see the expressions of discovery and  joy on their faces when searching through books to make their choices. The staff love supporting this program. This year we have made a wonderful additional change and have created the opportunity for all the children in the communities we work in in Quang Nam to borrow books.

About each aspect of our work:
Book Delivery
When doing home visits books were taken to CEF students in Da Nang and the books were borrowed by all of the students. 

Books to Share / Boxes of Books
We started to create Boxes of Books to take to share with communities in which we work in Quang Nam enabling the whole community to have access to books. We have a box of books for each age group and these boxes of books have gone to two pagodas so far and to one home where they are available to the local children to come and borrow. Next month (August) we will be placing more Book Boxes in a community in which we work. One person in each community is responsible for lending them, making sure the children understand about caring for the books, signing them out and making sure they are returned. Adults can borrow the books, but so far few have. We suspect this is because many are illiterate.  

Borrowing Books from the CEF Office Library in Hoi An
The local tertiary students were encouraged to borrow books from the library at CEF’s office. They have done so and are enjoying having the opportunity to borrow books whenever they want. 

Staffing to Care for the Library / Books
We have two staff members sharing the ongoing responsibility for this program as we feel  it works best and is more efficient to have two of them working on this program together.   They travel to Da Nang City to a large government registered book shop so they can purchase books that are permitted by the government. They also purchase book boxes, plastic for covering the books and Ziploc bags. They prepare the books for lending by cleaning the books, covering them, inserting ‘Care of Books’ information, stamping them, and putting them into Ziploc bags, transporting them to, and collecting them from the children, as well as organizing the books and book boxes to take to communities and the delivery of them by car. 

Below are plans for 2015-2016 and photos 
Photos ~ shopping for books, covering, some books bought on a trip, and two tertiary students with books they borrowed ~


‘Literacy Education Program’ Plans for 2015-2016
If you would like to support this important program please email us at

Books to Share / Books Boxes in 4 more communities       US$920
We wish to create book boxes for 4 more communities at US$200 per community. Transport and a driver to be able to purchase the books, books boxes, plastic for covering and bags is US$120 for the 4 trips.

Borrowing Books from the CEF Office Library       US$150
We wish to Increase selection of books for our tertiary students and continue to encourage them to borrow.So far we have books suitable for children from 7-18, but haven’t started to develop a selection of books for the 19-23 age group. We anticipate the cost to be about US$150.

Staffing for our ‘Literacy Education Program’        US$700 
Staffing is needed to carry out this important work that gives the opportunity not just for gaining knowledge, but also for encouraging thinking and refection, and the personal development of those who thirst to read. We use volunteers when we can to help with the preparation the books for book covering, the book covering and preparing for sending them out as this is a time consuming process.

Big thanks to all donors who support this program,

Linda Burn
Founding Director and In-country Manager 
Children's Education Foundation - Vietnam

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