Monday, August 31, 2015

Wonderful news that two girls have just been sponsored

We at CEF are so pleased that these two girls have sponsors as they are so deserving of this educational support. 'T' works hard at school and is an excellent student. Her father has part of his arm missing and mum has leprosy, although it is controlled by medications. Her parents ability to earn is very limited because of their disabilities.

'D' is also a very hard working student and does very well at school. Her mother has heart disease and although she has had cardiac surgery she is still not well enough to work. They have a large debt due to the high cost of her heart surgery. Although dad has a work-related back injury and moderate health, he doesn't let that stop him from working as much as he can to support his family. They are a very sweet family too.

We are very grateful to their new sponsors for helping them to stay in school and receive an education, enabling them to become educated with a future of possibility!

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