Sunday, March 27, 2016

About one of CEF's tertiary students ~ Guest blog by CEF's Ms Kim Chi which was written with pride

February 2016

CEF helps girls to be a woman with choices, but we also help a few boys who come from extremely poor families or who are orphans. There is a boy who we at CEF considered worthwhile to give aid to. It was unbelievable to us that he passed the university entrance exams, as he had struggled to complete high school, but he did. Since he passed university and started his studies to become a History teacher, he has made much progress with his studies as well as in his life.

He used to be a very shy and quiet boy but now he is more sociable and thoughtful. His grandparents are very poor, and have to work really hard to help contribute to his personal costs while at university. Therefore, he has found a part-time job to pay for some of his personal costs. He works as a guard to looking after bikes for an internet shop and sometimes works in a food store at night to get a free dinner in exchange for his work. Although he works hard doing part time work, he still got good university results especially in the subjects which he is passionate about; history and geography.

I am very proud of him and want to say how he is a good example of doing what he is passionate about. If our tertiary students choose careers and therefore university courses that they are passionate about, they will success.

In addition, the tertiary students gradually learn not to depend on their families much. They gradually face the challenges in their lives, grow up and stop don’t blaming their challenges and poverty on their destiny.


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