Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Book shopping for our 'Book Boxes to Share' ~ Guest blog by Ms Kim Chi

 Kim Chi book shopping
Ngoc book shopping
I was very excited to do book shopping recently with Ngoc. I haven’t done book shopping for over six months, as I was on maternity leave. There were many new books at the shop so we had the choice of a wonderful variety of books but also had to choose thoughtfully too. 

These books were for putting into book boxes to go to a pagoda in Thang Binh. In this community there are quite a lot of primary, secondary and high students. We chose many books for the primary school girls this time. I really liked the set of books which teaches primary students how to be safe at home, at school, and out of home as well. For example the information in the books includes how to use a gas stove safely and how to rescue yourself from drowning. Some of books teach children how to be disciplined and how to respect others. It’s not only good for primary students, but also good for all age groups, including us, the staff too, although we are adults. 

 The books in book boxes
Thuy explaining to the nun about care of the books and the process of signing out books
The nun with the news books in the book boxes
Kim Chi with one of the books
Kim Chi with some of the books they bought

Most of the books we chose are thin books with some pictures to show through the pictures what they are talking about and to get the children more interested in the subject. We hope the children can enjoy reading and learning more from these books.

Note: We are very grateful for the donations we receive to buy books as the books are able to be shared by many making these donations very valuable. Thanks so much Victoria for your donation allowing us to buy many books to share.

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