Saturday, March 5, 2016

CEF's Literacy Encouragement Program

Children’s Education Foundation believes in the importance of literacy and therefore we created a simple system to encourage the CEF sponsored children, as well as children in their communities to read books much more.

We deliver books to the children in Da Nang when we visit them, we have a library at CEF, and we create book boxes which go to homes and pagodas where children can borrow books.

About delivering books to the CEF children in Da Nang
When we go to Da Nang to see the children we take a good selection of books with us. They return them on the next time visit and borrow more.

About books in the bookcase at CEF
The local CEF sponsored children know there are books at CEF in our book cupboard and that they are welcome to borrow them whenever they want. It always brings a smile to my face to see them so excited when going through the book cupboard which is full of a huge selection of books and then struggling to decide which ones they will borrow on that visit.

About the books in the book boxes
For the communities further afield we create book boxes which we fill with many books and make sure there is a good variety for children of all ages. We take and leave these boxes to some of the children’s homes and to pagodas enabling children from the surrounding communities to come and borrow books. One person is responsible for the books.

Most of the funds that have been donated for books have come from supporters of ‘Journeys of the Heart’. We are most grateful for this support as it has enabled us to encourage children from many communities to read a wide variety of books, and start to develop a love and passion for reading.

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