Saturday, November 26, 2016

"A father is a son's first hero, a father's daughter is his first love" ~ Guest blog by CEF's Ms Thuy

‘N’ is a lovely 7-year-old girl but she does not talk a lot when seeing other people. According to her father, she talks a lot at home but when having other people around, she is quite shy.

Her father has been suffering from final – stage kidney failure for 7 years. He now is very weak but he still tries to live positively without any complaints or groans because he doesn’t want to make his mother, his wife ...and his two daughters worried or upset about him. When he was still strong enough, he took ‘N’ to school and picked her up to take her home. Because of his kidney failure and the effects it has on him, his skin looks quite strange and scary for children. When her classmates saw him they teased her about her ‘scary’ father. Later, her father knew that when he saw ‘N’ shouting to her classmates in an angry voice saying, “My father is always a good father. Are your fathers as good as mine?” At first, her father was upset as he thought she might be ashamed but then he was very proud of his very little, but strong girl. 

Someone told me ‘A father is a son’s first hero, a father's daughter is his first love’; I believe so.

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