Wednesday, November 16, 2016

About mothers and daughters ~ Guest blog by CEF's Ms Ngoc

Whenever I visit families it is touching to witness mothers who have devoted almost their whole lives to their daughters.

There is a family in Dien Ban district, where the mother not only looks after her beloved daughter very well but also provides spiritual support to her daughter. She is always by her child’s side, encouraging her and guiding ...her to go in the right direction. The mother never has new clothes or good food because she gives all of that to her child. No matter how challenging and hard the situation she has, the most happiest moments for her are to be with her daughter and to see her girl growing up day by day to become a mature and successful young woman.

Beside this family, there is another family in Da Nang city that I have been working with for around 3 years that has made a strong impression on me about the mother’s efforts and love for her children. She is bringing up 3 children on her own, which makes me really admire her. She has 2 jobs and both of them are at a garbage company. She starts from early in the morning at about 7am, and works till late in the evening, around 9pm, when her children need to go to sleep, just in order to make ends meet. She works very hard however she never complains about her job. The only thing that causes her sadness and regret is that she is unable to have much time with her beloved children and would especially love to with her daughter, as she is about to enter puberty. She wishes she had time to share many things with her daughter and have lunches and dinners with her children. It is such a normal thing to do in most families but it seems impossible for her. The fact is she has to work so that she and her children can survive. 

Each family has their own challenging situation; however, most of the mothers just want to give the best to their daughters. It is from their deep love in their hearts.

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