Wednesday, November 23, 2016


As a friend said each day is a day to be thankful for.

But why I like Thanksgiving Day is because it actually is a day in which I think most of the time about all that I am thankful for and since most of my life is given to helping girls in Vietnam to receive an education then most of my thoughts turn to all those people who support us to do this work.  

If I wrote the names of all the individuals who help I would be writing all day, so this is all the wonderful people put into general categories:
Partner organizations
Our managers
Board members
and government officials we work with

And then I also have the help of social media, which in this time in our history is crucial.

If CEF didn't have all this amazing support we wouldn't be able to help the children here in Vietnam. So I am so blessed to have all this loving support as it has and continues to allow me to spend my life helping many impoverished and marginalized girls receive an education, which gives them a much better future with many more choices, than if they remaining uneducated.

Love and thanks to all of you,

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