Saturday, June 3, 2017

CEF's 2017 Water Safety Day was possible due to Go Philanthropic's support

We are most grateful to Go Philanthropic and one specific Go Philanthropic donor for their wonderful support making our 2017 Water Safety Day possible.

The time at the beach was a mixture of  learning the life-saving theory about the dangers of water, how to be safe around it, including how to save yourself in the water and how to safely save others. There were fun games on the beach and in the water, lunch at the beach and then relaxation by the waters edge afterwards with yoghurts. We finished the day with a movie which was very touching and humorous about a child and her mentally ill mother. It was about caring for others, being thoughtful and not selfish.

The children had a wonderful time and everyone was very grateful for this opportunity and they look forward to the event next year.

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