Friday, June 2, 2017

This weekend CEF are doing new interviews and re-assessments of girls near the Laos border

Up in this area of Quang Nam near the Laos border there is a lot of poverty as there is no industry and few work opportunities. 

 This weekend four of CEF's staff are up in the mountains re-interviewing girls we have been helping one of two years and also interviewing new families asking for help for their girls education.

Homes are usually wood with tins roofs, with most having a compact dirt floor. Families are large with girls marrying younger than is legally allowed. This is what is normal.

As most grandparents and parents haven't been to school their children are vulnerable and many children end up working hard at a very young age and some go off to work in the illegal mines.

Children leave to do work they have been told about in a big city with a good income and are never heard of again. Trafficking of children from this area is so easy to do and we want this to change.

We want to protect them by making sure more finish high school, but also provide workshops for the girls to teach them about trafficking, health and hygiene, and help them develop social skills.

At present we have 32 of the girls up here in our scholarship program and run yearly workshops for them and the other girls in high school in this area.

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