Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Time up in the mountains near the Laos border

The trip into the mountains to interview new students and to update students in our scholarship program went well. The countryside was stunning as usual and the weather was kind as it was cooler than in Hoi An and there was a gentle breeze most of the time.

Students who lived too far away for us to visit came to their school for their interviews. Some of them live a few hours away with a few only being able to walk the last kilometres through the mountains to their homes.

Most homes are basic structures made of a mixture of materials, with only some of the wooden structures having cement or cement and tiled floors.  

Most families share their stories openly making it easy to see who needs help in most situations. Some parents although uneducated want their children to complete high school. Sometimes it is hard to decide who to help as some students are unfocused and unclear about what to concentrate on to do well at school and about what to do after graduation although it is just a year away. Unfortunately the system here requires them to be focused for their last three years of schooling. Some parents don't want their children in school and there is a battle going on between them. In those last two situations unfortunately there are few we can support.   

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