Sunday, October 5, 2014

Book shopping for CEF's 'Mobile Library for Literacy'

Today Bruce and Elaine of 'Journey's of the Heart', myself and Ngoc had fun and went book shopping for CEF's mobile library. A donation through JOTH was made for books for our mobile library. We are very grateful for that as it has enabled us to increase our selection of books. Today we bought books on quite a variety of subjects. We mainly purchased books on animals, insects and reptiles, but also children's story books with lovely pictures and a moral to each story. We bought academic English books for our high school and tertiary students and cookbooks and a book about how to recognize and choose fresh foods for our keen cooks.

One way we can encourage reading is by taking a selection of books to the children's homes. Our mobile library is part of our 'Literacy Encouragement Program'. Our purpose is to encourage the children to read more, and hopefully learn to love reading and this opportunity of learning fascinating and useful information. We also are teaching them all to respect and care for books.

Today we also brought books to CEF children in our education program in Da Nang and they were pleased they could choose a few books to read.

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