Friday, October 24, 2014

Two grade 12 students need sponsors so they can complete high school

CEF would love to see the following two girls who are grade 12 be sponsored so they may complete their schooling. 

'N' is a lovely girl with sweet parents as well as being a good student. They can't afford to keep her in grade 12 and help with any tertiary education as they have a large debt from tertiary education for the eldest children and from surgery for dad, Now they are subsistence farmers with no other income. Dad has serious health problems due to working very hard for many years and can only do light farming work now. 

'N' would love to study 'Marketing and Administration' after completing high school, but doesn't dare dream of this due to her families situation.

To sponsor 'N', to help her complete school, her sponsorship would be $300 for this academic year (2014-2015).

'T' (below) is a serious girl as well as a good student. Her father died from cancer and mum is a farmer and can't afford to keep 'T' in school. Mum is managing to cover all other expenses, including debt repayment for the education costs for her 'T''s older sister, but education for a grade 12 student is too large a cost for her to manage on top of her other costs. Her education sponsorship for this year is $300.

If she can stay in school and graduate, then after graduation she would  would love to study 'Marketing and Administration' if she can. If she can't study this she would like to study 'Commerce'

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