Friday, October 24, 2014

This Thanksgiving please consider taking on an education sponsorship

CEF needs more sponsors to help some children stay in school. Our sponsorship program needs committed sponsors who will support the children all the way through their education.

'V' 's father fell from the roof and has severe brain damage. He no longer can do anything for himself.  The family income has dropped drastically as he can't work and mum has to look after him most of the time. 'V' needs a sponsor to keep her in school. She is in grade 4 this year and her sponsorship for the 2014-2015 year is $200.

'HT' (above) is an average grade 10 student this year. If she can complete high school she would then like to train to be a police woman.  Since dad died from cancer, mum has been struggling to cover all their costs as she has a large debt due to her husband's medical bills and more recently, large bills from her son's brain surgery. He has not recovered and may never be able to work. 

For 'HT' to stay in high school she needs a sponsor; her sponsorship for 2014-2015 is $300.

'L' is a good student, but sadly is a depressed child. She would like to stay in school and after graduation train to be a PE teacher. 'L' is in grade 9 and her sponsorship for this year is $250. 

Both mum and dad have physical injuries which limits what they can do. Between them they manage the rice farming and when dad is well enough he can do some farming or building work for others to boost their income a little.  They can cover their debt repayments and living costs, but they now find they can't afford their daughter's education costs. 

All of us at CEF hope this Thanksgiving you will choose to help a girl complete school. We will send more photos and the bio of the girl you wish to sponsor. Also we will send an annual report, photos and a letter from her to you. Our CEF children just have one sponsor each and they are told about them. If you wish to write to the child you sponsor we will translate your letters and give them. 
Happy Thanksgiving!

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