Monday, July 27, 2015

Mai-Thi's time with CEF has come to an end

This summer Mai -Thi came over from the States to help us at CEF. We are very grateful for her gift to us as it really has helped and made a difference.

This young lady is quiet, with a gentle and peaceful presence, she is unassuming, but well-educated and knowledgeable.

She just jumped in and fulfilled any requests we passed her way and within days she felt just like one of the CEF family. She was a great help and her skills and knowledge were very much appreciated.

We are very grateful for all she contributed to CEF; the help with chores, with book shopping, covering books, helping at our 'Water Safety Day', with teaching English to both staff and our local tertiary students, helping them prepare their scripts for videos I planned to take of them, for the writing of blogs for CEF, with creating complex spreadsheets I needed, for sharing her accountancy skills and knowledge with the staff and all the other things she so willingly did for us at CEF.

We will miss her quiet presence, but it is wonderful to know we can stay on touch by email and skype and we are sure we will see her again!

The following are just a few photos from her last month with us at CEF.

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