Friday, September 1, 2017

An exceptional CEF sponsor

 We have a few sponsors sponsoring 3 children at the same time, and we have had a few sponsoring 5, but this amazingly kind and generous man is sponsoring 9 children at the same time!

As some of them live far from the CEF office we don't see them often and we don't take sponsors to see them either, so he had only met the children he sponsors who live within 45 minutes of the CEF office. This year he got to meet the ones he hadn't yet met and that was a treat for all of them.  


The children and their families have been most grateful for his support as they all have challenging situations. The father of one of the girls fell off a roof and has brain damage. He now can sit up and say a few words, but it is unlikely he will improve any more than that as it is now 3 years since the accident. Mum farms but can't afford her daughters' education. Another girl lost her mother a couple of years ago to cancer and dad has poor health, but with the help of his brother manages to farm. He can't do more than that due to his health but also because he has a child with Down's Syndrome who is at home all the time and he has to look after her unless his daughter is home.  

  One father had a stroke and can walk and talk a little, but has made very little progress in the last three years. Her mother makes street food to sell at the market. One mother has cancer and is slowly passing away and dad is not strong and finds the odd job here and there.

Another father became deaf overnight and no one knows why and the tests don't tell us why as well.  No one will employ him because he is dead. His wife works in a shoe factory to support the family of four. The mother of one of the girls is in the final stages of renal failure and has no income as she is on dialysis most of the time. Dad was a criminal and no one knows where he is. So when mum is in hospital she just lives with her elderly granddad who also has no income. They live off donations and gifts of food. Another little girl lost her father a few years ago and mum does whatever work there is that she can do while the children are at school.

Although their lives are hard, they are all lovely children and grateful for what they have got in their lives and are especially grateful for their education sponsorships as without that help they would not be in school due to the low or non-existent income of their families.

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