Saturday, September 2, 2017

An interesting letter from one of our CEF grade nine students to her sponsor

In Vietnam letter writing skills are not part of their education therefore most of our students neither write much nor share about their lives. One of our CEF students wrote a very open, interesting letter to her sponsor recently.
How are you and your family? How is the weather in your home town now? In my hometown, the weather has become erratic this summer.
This summer I took a vocational training course once a week. It’s very strange that I sometimes feel bored when I have to go to school every day during the school year, however, I really want to go to school in the summer holiday because I feel more bored at home and miss school, teachers and friends.  I love studying and learning. All the children in my village also have the same feelings like me. This summer, I also helped local students with their studies at home by teaching them new lessons they needed to learn. They then didn’t need to pay teachers for extra tuition. The children enjoyed my lessons and I enjoyed teaching them too. People in my village often joked and called me ‘little teacher’ and that made me feel quite happy. Another great thing happened this summer and that is my family went out together to have dinner out. That was the first time we all have ever had dinner outside the home and it felt so great so do that! I could feel happiness all around us. During this summer I also had a chance to join the District Youth Camping for the best students in our district. I made many new friends and had a lot unforgettable memories with them. During the camping, we played many games and activities as well as taking part in competitions between students from different communes of our district. Our commune’s target was to get the 4th prize but we got the 3rd prize! All the students in my commune and I were so happy and felt proud of ourselves. I hope I have a chance to have that amazing experience again.
Although my letter is quite long now, I still have many stories that I want to tell you.  July 24th was my 14th birthday and it was the best birthday that I have had. This was the first time my family held a birthday party for me. My mother bought me a little birthday cake. I also received some little gifts from my family and my best friends. I was so happy and really enjoyed that sweet party. Three days later, I joined the Youth Club in our community. In the evening of the July 27th, we went to our district War Martyrs’ Cemetery to burn incense and remember all the people who sacrificed their lives for our freedom and peace. In the dark of night, many little lights were burned making the cemetery look so warm and beautiful. It’s so nice that I can do some little things for those people, our heroes. I feel proud of all our heroes and my country.
My letter now is too long and I should finish my letter. I hope you and your family also have an interesting, sweet and happy summer like I did.
(Translated by CEF staff) 

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