Sunday, September 10, 2017

"For the sake of the children" she said

For granny life is hard. This granddaughter has lived with her since mum died from HV. One of her other daughters lives with her and her three children as she recently gave birth and it is the tradition in Vietnam to go home and be cared for by your mother after giving birth.  One son has just been released from prison, who also has HIV, but can't find work, so she is having to support him too, as well as his son, who his wife left with granny when she left the relationship.

Granny is exhausted and depressed and yet keeps on working - "for the sake of the children" she said.

She has been most grateful that her granddaughter has been sponsored for the last year as it has been one less worry and financial stress to deal with.

If interested in sponsoring please do get in touch:

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