Wednesday, September 6, 2017

She hasn't forgotten being left

Although she was a tiny little girl at the time, she has never forgotten being left by her mother, who never returned for her.

Fortunately her elderly grandparents have been able to care for her and shower her with love. Even though she shortly will be graduating from high school she still talks about her mother leaving her and not coming back to get her.

Luckily she has been sponsored since she started school which has meant she has been able to have an education. Granny has poor health and can't walk easily and granddad sells lottery tickets to pay for their food, but he can't earn enough for her education.

She dreams of a university education and a good income so she can then help look after her grandparents, who have been 'parents' to her for most of her life.

If interested in sponsoring or donating towards the University Education Fund please get in touch:

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