Saturday, April 21, 2012

A gift of healthcare from one granny to another

A donor gave us funds just for granny, not for all the others she cares for on a daily basis. When we visited her and told her this she was really quite overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of the donor and donation for her and her well being.

After talking to granny which was both a humorous and sad conversation we came to the conclusion that dental care was off the list. She said it wasn't worthwhile going to the dentist as it would cost a fortune and it wasn't important to her. As you can see in the picture she hasn't many teeth left.

The conclusion was to use the funds for traditional herbs. So we are giving the funds in small amounts at a time. The funds should give her about 5-7 months of herbal medicine treatment. She was thrilled with that help. We are thrilled too as it means her health will be that bit better and it won't be so hard for her to look after all the grandchildren and her severally disabled daughter, her mentally unstable son and his ill wife.

Before leaving we told granny that "the donation is from one granny in Canada to one granny here in Vietnam and that it is important granny's looked after themselves very well." She loved that!

It was a real treat for us to do this 'work'. It made for a special morning!

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