Sunday, April 1, 2012

Trinh's mother sells betel nuts and tobacco

Trinh loves art and music at school most. However for her to have an education is a challenge as her mother has poor health and only earns $1.50-$2 a day selling tobacco and betel nuts.

Fortunately the local government raised money towards the construction of a new house so they have a safe home. Their present home made of matting and bamboo floods in winter and is at risk of being washed away as they live near the bank of a river. Unfortunately the government couldn't raise enough for all the construction and the mother has borrowed $400 to complete the construction. Trinh and her mother are very excited that they will be living in a brick and cement home in a few weeks.

Trinh has always been a good student although she has always lived in a challenging environment. As one of her favourite subjects is art she showed us many beautiful pictures which she had drawn over the last few years.

Thanks to Debbie Trinh now knows she will be staying in school and will have support to complete her education.

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