Thursday, April 26, 2012

Linda from Go Philanthropic Foundation shares more about her visit

A special part of GoPhilanthropic Foundation’s recent visit to CEF was visiting some girls and their families from the leper community outside DaNang. I was a bit nervous about this as, despite my health care background, I know relatively little about leprosy. Again, normalcy prevailed as all were so genuinely happy to see us and, giggling appreciatively, received the rice and other goodies we offered them in their New Years TET baskets. Unfortunately, leprosy still exists and lepers are still shunned in Vietnam and are not allowed to integrate, though more recently the government has apparently become more interested in integration so perhaps things will change.

Things will also change because of the medical fund CEF has in place for the children (at least one severely malnourished little girl had been helped so far) and because of the fledgling new entrepreneurial microloan program, supporting self-sufficiency.

All in all, we can hardly wait to return next year to see our CEF friends and learn more about the advances being made because of their dedication and hard work. This kind of experience reaffirms that everyone can help in some way and that it is truly a small world!

Linda DeWolf
GoPhilanthropic Foundation

About GoPhilanthropic:

GOPhilanthropic’s goal is to connect donors with a small, carefully selected group of NGO’s around the world, striving to provide effective, creative and sustainable solutions to the global issues. And, we found that Linda’s program offers those solutions in spades through its school sponsorship program.

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