Thursday, April 26, 2012

Linda of Go Philanthropic writes about her visit to CEF

Recently, my colleagues (Tracey and Mary Jo) and I from U.S. based GoPhilanthropic Foundation had the extraordinary pleasure of visiting CEF. We were so warmly welcomed and moved by the children we met as well as by their stories… a boy living with his grandmother who was so painfully shy he could do nothing but avoid our eye contact and hide in a corner, a young girl who had previously been forced to work in the fish industry and who now was gaining increasing confidence as she did well in school.

Sitting down to chat with Linda Burn, CEF director, in her office and looking out over the lush, green that is Vietnam, we were quickly brought to harsh reality as she described the horrifying reality of trafficking problems in Vietnam. She states emphatically that every girl in school is one less trafficked and we couldn’t agree more! One thing that can help with this problem is to sponsor a young girl so that she can attend school. We learned that over 130 children (mostly girls but a few boys too), often in the most desperate of situations, have been given hope through educational sponsorship. Our Foundation has, in fact, found sponsors for 13 children so far.

Linda provided us with the great opportunity of connecting with some of the children our donors have sponsored. We played games with them, did an art project and enjoyed a meal together. We could have been anywhere at that moment in time.

Linda DeWolf GoPhilanthropic Foundation

About GoPhilanthropic:
GOPhilanthropic’s goal is to connect donors with a small, carefully selected group of NGO’s around the world, striving to provide effective, creative and sustainable solutions to the global issues. And, we found that Linda’s program offers those solutions in spades through its school sponsorship program.

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