Saturday, April 21, 2012

Shopping for one of our families new homes

Trinh's single mum earns around 75 cents a day but sometimes more. As she was listed as one of the poorest in her community the government gave her a contribution towards building a small home. It is finished now and they are blissfully happy to live in a solid structure!

Debbie, Trinh's sponsor, sent money for them to purchase things they needed for their new home. They went from living in a tiny room made of bamboo, matting and metal sheeting to living in a solid small home. They are thrilled to have more space, but of course they couldn't afford any new furniture or kitchen equipment.

Please see photos that tell the story of old to new. What a special morning to be able to help make Debbie's wish come true. Quan had lots of fun bargaining at the market too!!! We left so so happy to see how all these new purchases made Trinh's mother so happy (although rather overwhelmed that she has so many new things; wardrobe, hangers, stools, bowls and cutlery, pots and pans, kettle and rice cooker!)


  1. Dear Linda, Quan, and Trinh... I am so happy to see that Quan, and Trinh, are settled in their new home, and that I was able to help get them started with a few new purchases. I see that Quan and I have something in common... I love to go to markets and bargain! I look forward to the day when I can meet them, share a meal, and get a tour of their village. All the best... Debbie.

  2. Dear Debbie, You have made a big difference to their daily lives. They now have somewhere to hang clothes, can cook rice in a rice cooker and boil water in a kettle that can picked up and easily cook in new even-bottomed pans. They will be thrilled every day for quite some time! I am sure they would be very happy to meet you, share a meal and show you around their local community. Love,Linda