Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A girl in need of a sponsor to be able to fulfill her dream of completing school and having a good future ~ Guest blog by CEF's Ms. Vy

A weak girl with pale skin and dark circles under her eyes welcomed us into her home on a hot and muggy summer's day and shared with us many things about her studies and family.

7 years ago, a bomb explosion made her fatherless. Since then, her mother has been the main laborer to bring up three lovely daughters; however, poor health prevents her mother from working a lot to give full support for all her children. Her mother is paid US$6.50  for one long working day, but her monthly income is unstable. Not only is her mother unhealthy, but her sisters have been suffering from various diseases. Her oldest sister, an unpaid nurse trainee in a local hospital for 9 months, has undergone congenital heart surgery, the second older sister, a junior at Hue College of Medicine and Pharmacy, has been suffering from Lupus for ages. 

Being aware of her poor and difficult family circumstances, she always makes huge efforts to study to make her mother happy and to give herself a better future. Her average mark of 7.5/10  ranked her the 10th in her class. This result brought her mother a lot of optimism and hopefulness towards her future education. “I will persuade mother to let me continue school and never give up my education under any circumstances  as I wish to make a bright future with good job opportunities. Moving to the nearest secondary school helps to reduce my family’s cost, but if only I could attend extra tuition classes in the next academic year that would help my standard”, she said to us with an upset voice. 

The financial burden and a big loan of US $1,750 placing on the skinny shoulders of her mother makes her child’s dream of higher education look luxurious. If only she would be able to be sponsored to relieve the heavy burden from her austere mother as well as to make going to school no longer a luxury for both 'N' and her mother.


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