Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Children in need of sponsorships and scholarships

Due to poverty there will always be children in need of help whether it is shelter, food, medicine or education.

At CEF we give educational support to girls, as well as food or medical support when needed. We work to keep girls in school, get them through, and help the most capable receive tertiary education.

At present we have many girls on our waiting list. The following pictures are  just of a few of the girls and a little about them. If you would like to take on a scholarship or a sponsorship please let us know. More information about the scholarships and sponsorships can be read on the website:

Thanh Thao (above) needs someone to give her a scholarship @ US$150 for each of her last two years of high school.

She is a hardworking and clever student. She doesn't have a family home. “I don’t have my own house. This is not my mother’s friends’ house. I and my younger sister are living with them. My mother lives alone very far from here”. Hardly had her parents divorced when her father passed away. Since then, Thao’s mother has had her friends look after her two daughters. Thao’s mother sells vegetables, and just earns 25 cents a day because the residents in that area are very poor. Her mother is also suffering from terminal cancer.

She and her younger sister are treated badly by her mother's friends as they demand a lot of them and therefore she doesn't have a lot of time for study. But no matter how unfortunate she is, Thao tries her best to study as she wants to get into university to become a lawyer and hopes her mother lives long enough to hear the news of her university acceptance .

Kim Nguyen (above) needs someone to give her a scholarship @US$150 for each of the last two years of high school.

Kim Nguyen is a quite shy. Nguyen is the youngest daughter in a poor family living in a small rented house with her mother and her eldest brother. Nguyen’s father went to Laos to work in a gold mine many years ago and has not kept in touch with his family. Her mother has high blood pressure and nephrolithiasis and she doesn't have surgery because of high cost. She does not want to borrow from a bank or from relatives because she can't afford to pay off a loan. She helps a relative sell fruit and makes  US$5 a day, Her brother works but has an unstable income so he can't help much.

Nguyen’s mother seems pessimistic about Nguyen’s education; she used to think about stopping Nguyen’s education, but Nguyen persuaded her mother to let her continue because she wants to be a tour-guide after university graduation.

She is conscientious and studies 5 hours a day. When asked what she would do with a scholarship she answered without hesitating, “I will attend extra tuition classes and buy books. To be a tour-guide, I need to know more about geography, history and the culture of Vietnam as well as about countries overseas”.

Be (above) needs someone to give her a scholarship @ US$150 for each of her last two years of high school.

Be was born into a very poor family and is not cared for by her parents. Be does not have a father and her  mother remarried 6 years ago. Both of them have two children, so there are 6 people living in a small house without a bedroom. Be’s step-father is an alcoholic and hit her mother whenever he gets drunk, so Be feels scared at home. During school time when Be is staying in the school dormitory her mother seldom calls her which makes her very upset. Be often skips breakfast to save money her mother gives her so she can buy stationery. She wishes she could share her dream with her mother so that her mother can encourage and motivate her like her friends. 

There is no bathroom or toilet at Be's house, so whenever she comes home, she has to take a bath next to a well far from the home in the evening to avoid other people. 

She said that although her mother couldn’t afford her education, she would never quit school because she wants to become a primary school teacher to help the younger generation in her village. 

My Le (above) needs a sponsorship of $335 for her last year of high school.

My Le, lives with her single mother and maternal grandmother who had a stroke. Her mother has heart disease, vestibular problems, and backache, which all cause her health to deteriorate and stops her from working much and when she does she can earn about US$6 a day. As she has a large debt which she has to pay monthly and earns little, she can't afford her daughter's education.

My Le studies quite well and helps her mother with household chores when she stays at home. She really wants to finish high school and enter into a teacher training university to become a kindergarten teacher because she loves working with children.

She plans to live in a pagoda next year to reduce her living costs as her mother can't afford them. She has a positive and strong attitudes towards higher education because she is aware of the important role of education for her future.

We hope that these girls and the others on our waiting list will all have educational support by the time school starts in August. 

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