Sunday, June 5, 2016

Our Water Safety Day was supported by Go Philanthropic

Water Safety Day is an important day for the CEF children as it is a social event, fun, relaxing and most importantly it saves lives!

This day was possible because of the help of many people. The financial support came from a Go Philanthropic sponsor who kindly donated to make this day possible. We are very grateful to Go Philanthropic and the donor for making this important day possible!

Children with staff

Children with staff, volunteers and Swim Vietnam teachers

Some of the Swim Vietnam teachers

For this day to be safe it needs swimming teachers. Swim Vietnam trains people to be good swimming teachers.and on this day we had many of them playing games on the sand and in the water, and teaching the children to swim and float.


 Games at the beach

Swim Vietnam teaching floating

Volunteers help the children with swimming and floating and keep an eye on them, ensuring safety.

Volunteer teaching floating

Volunteer teaching floating

One the girls relaxing after her lessons


One of the 4 CEF boys who attended the day

Resting before the next game


Tug of war

Games in the water

We are very grateful to all involved who made this day possible as each person had an important part to play ~whether funding, or helping out and making it a safe and fun day. 
Thank you to all!

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